Our leading lady - Ms. Anika Jacobs, has been selected as one of the finalists for the Smart Sustainable Sisley Awards by Marie Claire. 

In this month's Marie Claire October edition in the Netherlands, sharing some of her favourite GREEN tips. 

1. Jay Juices on the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam. The owner is an urban hippy who's always up for a chat and ready to make some of the most delicious juices around. jaysjuices.nl

2. We do not only have to take care of the planet, but also of ourselves. The Creative Consciousness trainings are perfect for personal development, growth and creating a more consciousness state of mind. Anika recommends it to anyone. Creativeconsciousness.nl

3. The scarfs of start-up Bufandy. A Dutch girl imports these fair trade, incredibly soft scarfs straight from Ecuador. The majority of the profits go directly to the farmers. Warm, soft AND good. Anika doesn't take hers off during winter. bufandy.com