Our MAMA-guests can connect, share and dream with international visitors alike when staying at Ecomama. Hang out in the living room, at the communal kitchen-table, swing a couple in our indoor swinging-chairs or go 'teepee' in our tent. The place is yours.

We do green and conscious in a way that makes sense, as according to Anika Jacobs (who knows quite a bit about travelling) – it's no rocket science. It's about sharing and making conscious decisions in everyday life that will lead us to a more sustainable world.


ECO GREEN conscious 

Ecomama stands for Green and Conscious Hospitality, which you can find in all the different ways Ecomama is built and run. It's in the details. Cradle-to-cradle furniture, use of fair trade materials, natural stone heating, environmentally friendly water system and waste recycling.

As we like to engage in a green and conscious way of living, we remind and invite our guests (you) to join our mission.

We believe the future is in our hands, therefore, we donate 1 euro for every night a guest stays with us. Donations go directly to Niños de Guatemala - an NGO located in Guatemala, providing quality education for disadvantaged children and to Artis Zoo. MAMA likes to take care of all species.



Ecomama is founded and owned by young social entrepreneur Anika Jacobs, and is the second hostel - next to Cocomama - she opened in Amsterdam.

Well-known in the field of social innovation and creating unique hospitality experiences, Anika is progressive in the integration of sustainability in the hotel industry.
Having travelled the world for her studies, working at hostels and touring with international bands, Anika knows what it takes to give guests an extraordinary experience.

It is all about bringing people together. And we are all responsible for the footprints we leave. Luckily, it’s no rocket science! Just reach out to the person next to you, connect and make small steps to living a more sustainable life.”



MAMA made her debut when opening Cocomama – Amsterdam's first Boutique Hostel, back in 2012. After receiving several international recognized awards and getting loaded with waving reviews by our Cocomama travellers and industry professionals alike; MAMA opened her second property – Ecomama, in 2014. 

While both MAMA's offer boutique-like accommodation, an inspiring social calendar and has an amazing tribe; we refer to Ecomama as the hotel (although we offer dorm accommodation too), and to Cocomama as the hostel (although we offer double private rooms here as well).

Let's say Ecomama attracts conscious travellers that enjoy more luxurious accommodation, while Cocomama attracts the free-spirited of the crowd and hostel-virgins. 

Visit Cocomama's website or contact cocomama for more info.